Photography: curator Dr. Stefanie Lucci (Translated from German):
If Guilad Kahn scans the real terror, slipping the prospects. His photographs are more than documentation, they are capable of with just one image to tell the whole story of a war. In the distance, Kahn usually spans by its oblique sightlines, the horror is at home, not obvious, not striking but subtle, is adjusting to the implications, heading out narrative between people and objects.
For instance, when a little boy squints at a soldier and the viewer of the photo asks if that boy will probably be the next child soldier or youth suicide bomber. Or if two ammunition to huge protagonists are in a monumental landscape, the people living in it appearing out of place strange. Guilad Khan pictures are not sensational, they come without the element of dismay, they do not need a shock effect and that is why they are so spectacular.



Sven Ploug Johansen. Director, Mayday Films:
"Thank you VERY much for a FANTASTIC week in Singapore!
We are now back in cold Denmark already missing your warm company!
Working with you has been such a great pleasure, and we appreciate your nice, cool and professional effort during our shoot very much! We could never have done it without your help!
Also thank you for your kind guidance, recommendations and nice personal talks! Very nice!
We will recommend you in the film and TV business here in Denmark.
I hope we will meet again on another project! You are definitely our guy in Singapore!"



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